Signature Dishes

Simple & Honest food

There is nothing fancy or complicated, just good, honest meals served in a simple style and a generous portion…..No-one leaves the Blue Cow hungry…

Feel Free……Be Happy……

  • Want the sauce on the side….. CAN !
  • Want to SWAP the mash potato for chips….. NO PROBLEM !
  • Like your steak cut “thicker”….. ABSOLUTELY !

Let us know your preferences and we’ll do all we can to prepare your meal just how you like it.

Don’t be SHY – Just ASK !


BBQ Breakfast

An enormous breakfast feast of eggs, bacon, toast & sausages….the lot!

We dare you to finish it!


Steaks – Beef, Pork & Lamb.

A perfect meal of your own creation. Choose one of our fresh meat cuts, we’ll grill as you like, choose some side dishes, a sauce if you like and get ready for a real treat.


Burgers – we make our own!

Choose one of our signature burgers like an Aussie with bacon, egg and beetroot, or a Cuban pork burger with ham, bacon and pickles. Or make up your own….we just want you to be happy.


Salads – Light & Delicious

Walk on the lighter side with a crisp Asian inspired salad…the Oriental pork salad is a must try.