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Blue Cow Café & Deli, previously known as Fogal Meat Market, officially opened for business in August 2006. The shop front in Plaza Damas is a unique concept offering discerning customers the opportunity to buy the freshest quality Australian beef and lamb, our own fresh sausages and burgers, complimented by the very best fresh local pork, ham and arguably, the most sensational bacon in the whole of Malaysia.

Guest who appreciate sensational, uncomplicated meals, generous portions, good wine and a pleasant atmosphere are always delighted to find the café at the ‘Kings Palace’ end of the shop. Highlighting the fresh delicacies offered in the butchery, the café menu offers a wide range, including soup, salad, burgers, sausages, roast meals, steaks, stews and desserts. Our signature dish is “The Big BBQ Breakfast” which can only be described as a feast for all the senses.